Assigning or modifying Type properties/parameters for geometry from Rhino

HI all, [Disclaimer :I’m not so well versed with Revit]

I am working on a facade detail section and made the model in Rhino. I want to want to modify the attributes/information as per COBie standards and cannot have anything as generic material.

I have tried importing it as .3dm/.sat and .dwg format. I tried to bring it in as families using dynamo. Finally, I tried it with Rhino.Inside Revit and was able to bring in the geometry using “Direct shape” and am able to assign ‘Category’ and ‘Material’.
Once it is in Revit, I am unable to change anything for the baked geometry (everything is greyed out)
I want to be able to import the geometry and assign & modify things like material, value, fire rating etc.
My definition looks like thins:

Thanks in advance. If not Direct geometry, what are the other options to import geometry and assign properties.

You are going to need to assign Parameters to the Revit Object, if they need to be in schedules and tags they need to be Shared Parameters.


Thank you so much, this is what I was looking for.

Anyone else looked into this recently? I cannot find the Set Element Parameter, it seems to have dissapeared?
I need to do exactly this to some terrain fill on a roof (undulating landscape with small hills).
It is possible to create a revit topography from a rhino mesh, but this is not exactly viable, as this is infinite depth and goes all the way through the roof and down into my parking area. Besides, i made a test, and it does not appear possible to add a Keynote (from within the revit file) to a topography created by Rhino.inside.

The component is now Element Parameter, which can both Get and Set.

Hello Japhy, and thank you for your reply.

I found a post elsewhere, by you, explaining this, and tested it. The problem then becomes DirectShapes not having a Keynote parameter, as the Element Parameter outputs the error; “Parameter ‘keynote’ is not defined in ‘element’”.

I trawled through the RIR forum, and found this post (See Scott Davidsons reply):
Creating my terrain as a generic model family through his method, allows me to edit type and thus to edit the keynote. Consequently, by creating a family within a subcategory of generic model, this also gives me greater control over my terrain visually in my views. It even allows me to edit the family within revit, and pulling some (very limited) controls on my very abstract terrain surface. Although I cannot generate this family within the Topography category (the component does not yield an explanatory error message), and that it appears to only work with the generic model category, this does seem to solve all my problems.

In general i find this to be -the- method of approach for any non-native revit shape going from Rhino → Revit, and the guides should, in my opinion, put more emphasis on the benefits of this method. In my company’s case, noone else is capable of editing the geometry through RIR, but with the family-method they can easily change description, keynote and even materials on individual breps within the family, within revit itself.