Rhino to PDF quality

This is a PDF output from Rhino (Via “print to PDF” command :

Is there a way to get better quality file ?

I have try Via Illustrator but it is all imported as Wireframe, not rastered.


Hi Rachel,

there is not a straight forward answer.

generally you will get optimal quality for line drawings if you output “vector pdf” not “raster” (see printing dialog)

other than that you can increase pdf raster resolution, read this thread for details and limitations


Thank you very much !!
I don’t have the option of PDF 995.
How can I get it?

PDF995 is a third party app that you can get for free here. It emulates the Adobe PDF standard.
Otherwise, if you have installed Adobe’s Creative Cloud or Acrobat Pro, then you will see a listing for their PDF version.

Another good PDF authoring tool that does a good job with vector PDF printing is BullZIP.
I personally use both PDF995 and BullZIP regularly for PDF printing, not just for Rhino.

I use CutePDF. Free, functional .http://cutepdf.com/

Thank you very much !!
Question is what option is best for rasterized file quality?
I don’t succeed to come to a good result :cry:

I have tried now with PDF995 and quality of 1200 dpi,
and that is much much better :slight_smile:
Thank you all for helpful reccomendations

Actually it is much better but not perfect.
Is there any idea how to improve ?