Rhino texture mapping

Hey guys,

What exactly is a .rtex file format and why can’t I edit it in Rhino? There doesn’t seem to be any clear way to edit this file as it only is readable/appears in the “Texture” tab. My only mapping options are “offset” “repeat” and “rotate”. I have no idea how to shrink or scale this filetype. It also does not map properly in my scene. If I select “box map” from the options list the texture appears flat from every single perspective angle when observing it. The texture will not be read or updated in the “Properties>Texture Mapping” tab. How do I get this to work? What use is the .rtex file if I can’t change anything about it? Also if I add the file to my “Properties>Material” window, it changes to a default material color which makes doing this irrelevant.


Hi Parker - you can import an rtex file into the current document as a texture as you’ve found - what you can do with it depends on the texture - can you post an example?


Hi Pascal,

Here is an image of the .rtex texture in my model. You can see the grain texture is going random directions but when I edited the XYZ rotation it made no effect on the texture mapping. There is absolutely no control of it as far as I can tell. I don’t know what to do.

Hello - I was hoping for an rtex file, but, in any case - look here


for the texture and its settings, the page you show if the object mapping.


Here’s how the settings look to me in the Texture tab. The box map does some extremely weird stuff…

Hello - probably you want that set to something other than an environment map - try ‘mapping channel1’ for starters, but ‘box style wcs’ is probably best, then you can set a consistent size.


Here it goes with box style WCS

And Mapping Channel 1

All the textures are still facing random directions.

Can I somehow convert the .rtex file into a format that is easier to use? This system doesn’t seem to be working for me very well. All I need is an editable texture so I can rotate it 90 degrees and play with the vertical scale a bit.

When you set your texture to a mapping channel you will have to ensure your objects have similar texture mappings.