Texture Mapping Blocks


I’ve built a large model which I’m now using to render. I struggled to figure out the best work-flow process, but I decided to model individual buildings on separate files, and then link them into the main file.

I’m now trying to map textures but I’m having alot of issues because within each file, there are a large number of nested blocks (window blocks, inside level 02-06 blocks, etc) which is necessary because I’m often having to make design changes. I’ve modelled it so that each material belongs to its own layer i.e. brick type 01, 02, metal 01, 02 etc. But I’m realizing now that I need to apply different texture mappings to each layer - which doesn’t seem to be possible.

Is it possible to apply a texture mapping to everything on a single layer, without having to go into each individual block?


Hi Sam - if you can apply the mapping by some kind of rule - like Box, using world aligned bounding box- then if should be possible to do this via a script, I should think - can you post a simple example?


Hi Pascal- I’m facing the same problem like Sam. And I made a simple example file.What I wish to do is map the textures by layer(layer brick: box mapping 2m2m2m; layer wall:box mapping 1m1m1m;
layer foor:box mapping 0.5m0.5m0.5m )base on the master render file.


example file.rar (979.9 KB)

Hi Yi - I am not sure about doing this from the parent file, but it seems to me that (maybe) the real solution here is to set your textures to a particular size using WCS box style mapping - then you won’t need to care about object mapping…?


HI Pascal-Thanks for the quick replay.I have tried wcs mapping but I’m not sure it will work well in vray for rhino?

Hi -

If you are running into issues with V-Ray, you might want to consider making a new thread in the Rendering > V-Ray category.