Rhino 6 - Texture Scaling Doesn't Work

When using either default Rhino textures or imported textures (with little to no changes from default settings), I am completely unable to change the XYZ size, position, or repeat of textures. I’ve tried standard box mapping (I’m a bit of a newbie on materials in rhino), but it’s completely unresponsive and unintuitive. Any help?

Example of imported texture.

Example of native texture.

Hello - can you edit the texture itself and see if the mapping is using WCS? if so, you can change the size there or set it to use Mapping Chgannel 1.


All textures in the material library are indeed WCS/OCS box style. Changing to Mapping Channel is needed to be able to change orientation and scale via UV mapping.

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Indeed, in order to effectively use for any of the textures that come with Rhino, one needs to find this thread and read this critical note.

Or, click this button to switch to Mapping Channel?
Image 09272021-3629

Why isn’t a configurable mapping channel the default for McNeel materials? Using Layer or Parent based materials, and Object based Mappings seems like a pretty intuitive way to go…

Everytime I get back into a Rhino texturing project I feel like an archaeologist trying to unearth the mysteries of lost artifacts here on the forums or in the help manual.