Rhino Sun Properties


Im having trouble accessing the Rhino sun properties. Not the main properties which are accessed by unchecking “manual control”

When you add a V ray Sun, you position the Sun, and you can select it, opening a whole new set of properties:

Those options are water vapor, intensity, turbidity, etc etc.

Thing is I cant select the Rhino Sun, and modify these options. I dont like positioning a whole new Sun, as I have no idea where to put it or the angle.

I thus prefer to use the default Rhino Sun, but I want to have access to those options. Is it possible? Seems that you gotta select the sun and then those appear in “properties” tab. But I cant select the Rhino Sun because its nowhere…

you can access the sun properties, as far as I know only through the environment settings of Vray in this case. In order to access the settings, apply a texsky to your gi environment and choose rhino sun. Then you can alter the properties there.

Mmm but that adds a bluish tone to the render.

After that you can either uncheck the map, or reduce the GI skylight value to 0 and the sky won’t contribute, but you still the changes to the sun remain.

Makes sense, will have to go that way then.
Thank you sir

I have just noticed that when I make changes and reduce the GI skylight to 0 so that the sky wont contribute, changes made to the Rhino Sun through the Rhino sun controls do not apply anymore. For example changing altitude and azimuth… :frowning:

What if you reduce to a very low number, could be a workaround