Unable to make any change to my sun effectively ;(

Hi everyone,

I am a complete rookie in terms of Vray, but have been using Rhino for projects before. I am normally okay at learning a software myself through online tutorials, from Lynda and Youtube and stuff, and can search forums for any problems I run into and try to find a solution. But I have really ran into a problem here that I cannot find any solutions for…

In short, it is that I cannot make any effective alterations to my Sun. I can change the angle or color of it in the editor, but it does not affect at all the render. The render keeps coming up as a really bright, white render. I can even turn my sun off, and it does not affect the render still… I have no idea why this is happening, and suspect there is another lightsource or something in the scene that is making everything sooo bright, but cannot find it. Not in the Vray asset editor, and not in the Lights tab that Rhino has itself…

For example, here I have the sun turned on, and the render is that same bright white render:

Here I turned my sun off, and the render… is still the same!

Here I turned it back on, but made it red. But it is stillll the same!

Yes, I did hit “render” every time after making a change, but they come out the same every time…

I can change materials of objects, and the change in materials will show up in the render, but not any change I make to my sun. I can add a new light to the scene, and the new light shows, and can be altered, but it will just become extremely bright as I cannot close the sun effectively.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys!


You could share your scene here so somebody can have a look at it.
But here’s what I would do:
-Turn off the “Rhino document sun”
-Create a new sun with V-Ray’s sun button
-In settings, environment, have a sky in the texture slot and link it to the sun you just created