Rhino Splashscreen

On my Mac when I start Rhino 6 the splash screen doesn’t show the icons related to the templates.
I already tried resetting settings, reinstalling rhino completely. Nothing seems to work.

Those will only look like that because you don’t have any geometry in the template. So all you see is the gray background… That being said, I do see a few things that look a bit buggy related to templates and splash screen here, will post in a bit…

@dan- I found this to be somewhat odd:

  • Open a new blank file with one of the standard templates
  • Create some geometry like a box, maximize the Perspective window, put in shaded mode (so it will show up in the thumbnail)
  • Save the file as a template in the standard templates folder with some other name.
  • Close the untitled file without saving.
  • Now go to New>From template
  • Bug #1 - the just created template doesn’t show up in the list.
  • Quit Rhino, relaunch, on the splash screen, click the templates tab
  • The new template now shows up. However, (bug #2) it might only have a generic icon instead of the thumbnail, or it might actually have the thumbnail. Also some other template in the same folder might have the same (incorrect) thumbnail as the one you just created, or a generic icon… I have seen all of these scenarios.

Why would i add geometry to a template? that defeats the purpose of having templates in the first place.
A template is a clean slate with certain settings.

It should look like this no?

NO, not at all… You might for example have a template file with a title block partially filled out with the same information every time. Or perhaps even some sort of base geometry for a project if it’s always going to be the same for a number of files.

A custom template can contain much more than “settings” if you wish - that is up to the user.

I guess - so your main complaint is that you don’t see the Rhino file icon? Looks like the splash screen is set up to use the file thumbnail like the recent file list on the other tab.

True that the Windows side does show the icons in this case - they are pretty small tho.


Thanks Mitch! I see both those issues…

RH-54637 Templates: Newly created templates do not show up in template browser until restart


RH-54638 Templates: Custom templates do not have a consistent thumbnail

RH-54637 Templates: Newly created templates do not show up in template browser until restart

should be fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate for 6.18.