New dialog box

Wondering why the new dialog box looks like it this?
Happened after the last update.

Hello - I do not know… I would try a Repair (Windows control panel > Programs > find Rhino 6, >Modify > Repair), on the installation first, and if that does not sort it, I’ll check with the developer.


I saw this happen awhile back - there must be a thread on it somewhere - but IIRC, it was on the Mac side?

Sorry no, I was confused, it was not quite the same thing…

I tried the repair with no difference, except all the tool menu check boxes became blank (options/tools) and any panels (layers, Named views) that I had open on a second monitor were closed. Not a problem just a nuisance.
I can select NEW from the file menu and select the presets to begin a new drawing.

Hello - do the expected template files exist in your template folder? Default is

C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Localization\en-US\Template Files


Template files exist there as expected. All dated 12-3-19. the date of the last update when this display first showed itself.
I can mouse down the blank display and the yellow box to the right will describe the template but only one shows on the left and is selectable.
Like I said, it’s not a special issue, just a weird display after the update.


Any chance you’re not running a “recommended” screen display resolution or scaling?

That’s the first thing I checked since I had issues with Adobe Illustrator.
Every setting is on recommended. Again, this is a recent issue after the 12-3 update.