Rhino settings reset+Dims disappearing

I loaded a drawing i have been doing,With over 50 layouts.

I noticed my toolbar layout had reverted to default.

All my custom detail display had reset to wireframe,Annoying enough in itself but when i am double clicking on the detail to change back to the display mode i lose some or all of my Dims.
or if i move the detail then the dims disappear.

Link to file

Custom display mode
Black and white Solid.ini (13.9 KB)

From what i can glean,It appears that it’s dims that have lost their association.

no one?

Hi Jason -
I see the dimension disappearing here as well and am trying to see what I can find out before putting this in a YT report.

Thanks Wim

Jason - I put this on the list as RH-73916 Display: Dim on layout becomes invisible

So,It’s still there?

The issue is still there, yes.

i meant the Dim,You said it becomes invisible rather than disappearing.
and i see they move to -8491,3208 and reset to 1 & 0 on my machine

Thanks. I’ve added a note in that YT item.

RH-73916 is fixed in the latest WIP

:grinning: excellent news