Dimensions in Layout jump when changing Detail Display Mode

I have a layout where I have dimensioned some details.
The viewports were Rendered when I did the dimensions, but when I changed the Display Mode to Technical a few of the dimensions moved unpredictably.
I could not replicate in a simpler file and I can’t upload the original file.

Is this a known issue?

Hi Nuno -

No, it isn’t.

Hi Wim,
I was trying to simplify the model to send it and I noticed that I was wrong.
I assumed that it was the fact that I change display mode that made the dimension jump.

Actually, when I go into the viewport detail and go immediately back to layout, the dimension jumps also. After that if I do Undo, the command line reads “Undoing ReplaceDetail” and the dimension jumps back while I stay in the Layout (i.e. don’t go back into the viewport).
The dimension also jumps if go from the original viewport into another viewport. Undo does the same as above.
It does not jump if I go into another viewport directly from layout.

I upload a simplified model.
Also if you zoom extend in the layout you can see another dimension that jumped in the past, and I did not notice it until later…
230325 Jumping dimension2.3dm (324.8 KB)

Thanks @nsgma for providing the sample model. I can repeat the issue here.
RH-74008 dimension moves after exiting detail

Hi @nsgma,

The issue is related to the history values recorded on each annotation you create.

This issue was fixed in Rhino 7 SR14.


However, any dimensions made prior to this fix will still exhibit this behavior. There isn’t anything we can do about this.

To fix older dimensions, use the HistoryPurge command. Or, re-create the dimension.

– Dale

Hi @dale,
From the tracked issue link, it seems the discussion about this ended in Dec 2021 after testing R15. This model was done this in March and I have my Rhino up to date.
Thanks, N

Hi Nuno -

Yes, it looks like there is more to fix here. The fix will go into Rhino 8 though.