Rhino running slow when dragging / moving 2D lines

Rhino running slow when moving 2D lines. Even selecting lines and objects take some time to complete. This often happens when working with 2D lines. Make 2D or export DWG projected to CPlane. I tried to solve this issue with grouping objects and making them a block, but it doesn´t make any difference.
MBP 2012 Mavericks

I cannot duplicate this. Please provide a model and some detailed directions on how to duplicate what you are seeing. Also, please include your full machine description as detailed here.

FACTORY 2D.3dm.zip (1.1 MB)

Thanks for the model. It makes the problem obvious, which is moving thousands of objects at the same time. There’s a bottleneck in the single window interface that makes this slow. To work around this, switch back to the previous interface with the


command, and watch the WIP release notes to know when this gets fixed.