File is too slow


I am working on a file which has a lot of small objects( handrail balusters) and I am guessing this is what is making my file really slow… (to the point that every time I click on something the loading wheel appears)

I have read in previous forums and have tried the “ExtractRenderMesh
I have also tried to delete all the other elements(windows, doors etc) I have and keep one file for my building and the handrail… However, the file size is the same as the original (3.88 GB)

I am just starting with the programme but I have run out of ideas on what could I be doing wrong and would appreciate some help! I am working on Rhino 5 and the latest version of Mac with a 16GB ram (If this is of any help)

Also, this happens…

How far is your stuff from the origin?

Actually, really far…
Could this be a problem?

Yes, especially with render meshes.

Could you kindly tell me how to move things to the origin? Thank you!!

Select them, type move, select a point to move from, when it says “point to move to” type 0,0,0, hit enter.
That’s for windows. Dunno if it is different for mac. Being far from the origin will often make things incredibly slow and have weird display issues.

It seems like my Cplane is not even at the value 0,0,0 and when trying to remap it it doesn’t seem to anything…

I was able to move everything to my origin point but my file still goes very very slow…

Try saving it small, closing, then reopening.
Also, is it possible that you just have a lot of stuff.

I tried and still doesn’t work…

Yes, I do have a lot of objects in the layer which makes the file go really slow (it’s an array of an object) but is there really any solution for it?

If a lot of ‘objects’ are identical, it may be better to use a ‘block’ where only one is real, and the others are merely instances. File size much smaller.

Along with what Chris said (use blocks), you can also hide objects you do not need to see at the moment as well as change the visual style to wire frame to speed things up.

Im just trying this now…

Does this mean I can array a block and those will be “merely instances”?
Or will it become as heavy as the original?

Thank you Michael,

I did this before and it helps but whenever I want to work on the layer it slows down so I can’t even use it for a short time…

Not as heavy as the array of objects. One object, several locations.

I just tried this but it is slow… :frowning:

Impossible to help further without the file. I guess you could try starting a new Rhino file and copying the geometry in.

Im going to try this but do you mind if I send you the file?

Thank you

I have only Rh5