Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino 6 will now exit. Windows 7


I am trying to install Rhino 6 on Windows 7 computer.
The installation worked. But when I try to load Rhino, no other window appear just this form with text:
Rhino requires a license to run. Rhino will now exit.

I tried to login to the browser with my licensed account, but Rhino shows the same window and wont open. On Windows 10 I have option to login to Rhino Accounts, swtich users, but here only this window appears and dissapears when i press ok or cancel:

rhino 6 requires license

Participation in the V7 WIP process requires that you have purchased a permanent V6 license.
You do not own one.
You’re using a free V6 90-day evaluation license.

Not 7 Wip, but Rhino 6 .

Hold, on my bad.
You are a Team member.
You need to login to your Rhino account so V7 sees your V6 license.
Then V7 will run.

Login to your Rhino account.

Dear John Brock,
It is Rhino 6 not Rhino 7

I get that.
I mis-read your message subject.
That said, the requirement is the same as V6 and V7 use the same license.

You have a lab license in a Cloud Zoo Team.
Click on the login button and provide your Rhino account credentials.

Could you elaborate: Click on the login button and provide your Rhino account credentials.
I logged in, rhino still gives me the same window.

When I run rhino I have no option to login.
I tried to do this by loginning to the browser. But still no response and the same window.
Do I need to install this cloud zoo on windows 7, if yes how?

Hi, I don’t think V6 supports Windows 7, indeed that’s what the website says.

I saw it too.
But this is a clearly Licensing issue, and I saw on this forum that people are using Rhino 6 on Windows 7.
So how?

It’s just dumb luck that it’s working for some people, Win 7 is not supported. A “licensing issue” is probably just how you’re seeing the incompatibility.

Win 7 isn’t even supported by Microsoft any more.

But this might still work:

I think you have that backwards - it’s Windows 7 that may in the future not have the ability to support newer V6 releases, but I can assure you that right now it does what I use it for quite well. Even V7. The fact that Microsoft won’t issue any new bits for Win 7 doesn’t mean that Win 7 will self destruct or eat your computer and the software you run on it. Of course, if Win7 bits fall off your hard drive you darn well better have a way to repair or reinstall it because you are on your own from here on out. If you are on the net or otherwise cavalier about stuff you put on your computer your Win 7 security features will be the ones you’ve got now.

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