Rhino 6 circular license - can't sign in

We have enough r6 licenses to use in our office. However if I try to open up a r6 file, i get sent on an endless account-login-loop: You are not currently logged into your Rhino account, would you like to log in now? (Yes). I’m signed in on the browser and I hit Allow on the requested permissions. Then a login-window pops up within rhino, i enter log-in email, it says we have licenses. But then that just sends me back to the broswer, where I hit allow again, then get a pop-up that says Rhino License not found, Rhino will now exit. This loop happens every time. I am able to open r7, but we only have 1 license for that in our office so it is not a real solution. Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi Nick, Make sure you are on Rhino 6.35.

You are using the CloudZoo & Login is required. One possibility is your computers security settings is blocking.

Contacting Tech Support is the best way to get help with license issues. Rhino - Rhino Support

1st make sure youa re using the latest version of rhino v6 if that does not fix it-

then try this