Rhino Render Toon Shader

Would it be possible to roll out a Toon Shader for Rhino Render. There is a quickly rising graphic design trend leaning towards cartoonish drawings (especially for architecture renders). Or is this already available and I can find it?

Until anything like that exists, how about using plastic-based materials, then enable edges and curves?

If you don’t want indirect diffuse and glossy lighting you can set the bounce count for those to 0.

If you use a sun and a low-intensity skylight you get stark shadowing when diffuse and glossy are set to 0.

And if you with diffuse and glossy bounce set to 0 also disable the skylight, leaving only the sun you’ll get pitch black shadows

That you can of course combine with the edges and isocurves post effect


Perfect thank you. This works just fine for now!

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Is there a way to accomplish this with Vray? I cant find settings like indirect diffuse and glossy lighting

I’d suggest posting your question in the VRay category.

Hi @chris.prinsen - Not exactly a toon shader but this tutorial might help.