Rhino render seemingly not doing anti alias?

Hello people!

I was using Vray render for rhino, but for a certain part of the workflow I’m forced to use Rhino Render.

Now when I make a render with it, it creates very jagged edges, what could solve this? Mesh density option does not change anything at render level.



So easy and logical :smile:

I have set the AA from rhino render to High (10x) & raised DPI to 300 but it does not seem to change anything

I did notice when I turn “Transparent background” off I do see the AA, but AA should be possible with a transp. bg too in my other software experience.


What is this - seems to me You are showing Rendered viewport , not a rendered image? For this here:

That did actually help in the nice looking-ness of my viewport : )

The image was actually a render, but i’ve went on and checked the file into photoshop, seemingly when I use the alpha channel created by rhino and delete the background with it, the edges are actually “smooth”. I still do not understand why the edges look so blocky before editing but all and all it does provide a solution : )

Thank you very much!

Make sure you are viewing rendered image at 100% zoom.

Seems the jaggies are visible only in rendered window. If you save the image with transparent background as .png and open it in an image editor the antialiasing is there.

Yes - that happens if “transparent background” is checked.

Yes that confirms what I had when importing it into photoshop.

It seems to be just a display problem of the renderwindow


After reading all comments and changing my render setup, I still got the jagged edges. I think it’s not just a Rhino renderwindow problem, because it’s still jagged at my PC default image viewer.

The only way to make it smooth is “use the alpha channel created by rhino and delete the background with it” as pointed by Peter by using Photoshop?