Ugly antialiased!

(Rhino 6.8 - antialiased 8x); Windows 10 - 64bit update; driver update “Nvidia geforce 960gtx”.

Antialiased suddenly it got worse. Why?

Hello - please post the output from the Rhino command _SystemInfo.



Also probably a good idea to check your driver settings - in case the update changed some settings that have bad effect on the AA results.

Thanks Nathan, I deactivated all the antialiased settings from the “Nvidia” control panel and now the image in Rhino has improved, even if the serrated lines should be improved a bit more; a little bit!

Updating to Rhino 6 (6.10.18311.20531), tell me that now the antialiased (8x and updated nvidia video driver) works fine, even on thin lines. Perfect work!

I hope you keep on these levels … great!