Rhino Render Crashing (Mac)

I’ve been using all of the new features of this Rhino WIP including Rhino Render. I find that it crashes 1 out of 2 times I run it with a beach ball that runs and runs. The only way to stop it is to force quit. I know it’s beta and I accept that. I just would like to know if others or McNeil have or are aware of a render problem.

Apple M1 Max
64 gig
Ventura 13.3.1
Latest WIP


I see a crash report.
I’m trying to find a developer that can have a look.
Most of them are traveling or sleeping.

Just wondering if Rhino render V8 beta is crashing on anyone else or if McNeel knows of a problem?
50 passes seems to be OK but 500 passes is almost always a problem.

Hi John

Did anything come of the render crash report?

No one really got back to me on render crashes but I must say McNeel was listening and of course I understand this is a WIP. I don’t get crashes anymore. I render 500 samples in about 7 min whatever I throw at it. I’m not using too many lights at this time, just sun and mainly skylight.

Modeled a golf cart and rendered in about 7 min. Then copied the golf cart 10 more times in different colors and still rendered in 7 min. 500 samples for both. Model is 346 MB

All 4K pics

I’m using an MacBook Pro M1 Max with 64 GB.

Anyway, good job McNeel.


After loading Sonoma on my Mac, I can not render at all.

I tried even a simple cube without any luck.

The render window gets stuck on…
Sample 0/50 (Using optimized intersection kernels) 0h 8m 57s
I’ve seen it count up to 20 min and keep going.

When I try to quit the render I just get the beach ball.
When I FORCE QUIT I get the CRASH REPORT window which I filled out and sent.

Before Sonoma, rendering was getting better and better with every release.

Yes, we are seeing issues with Sonoma as well and are looking into it. Thanks for sending in the crash report, we did get it and it is helpful to know that you had to force quit.

I’ve also had to FORCE QUIT at random times when just quitting out of rhino. Again, the beach ball.

When you send in reports, please mention that you had to force quit. We’re trying to figure out how to automatically recognize this.

RH-77142 is fixed in the latest BETA

How long will that fix take to be released?

Since latest public Beta 8.0.23276, Force Quit does not produce a Rhino crash report any more… [at least on my MBP]
is this by intent?
[the Mac OS crash report is still showing ]

all hands are working to fix this… hoping to have something public shortly.

Sorry, I thought that you had the fix but were testing it etc.

The last update fixed the rendering crashing for me.

Does the Raytraced mode work for you? It’s crashing on my system with the last beta

I really meant to say “raytraced”. It works fine now.

Not for me :frowning:

@the_eraser does any render crash on your system? For example if you start Rhino fresh and open the clip model from the samples and hit render, does this crash as well?

Nope, rendered is working (even if it’s working badly, as you can see here)