Rhino related files ICONS


I noticed distinguisisch beteween various rhino related file si snot easy because they share the same icon.
Specifically .gh and .3dmbak files in the example below:

May I suggest to create non generic icons for different filetypes?

For instance the .3dmbak I’d like to at least have a reference to it being a rhino file yet different enough to easily distinguish.

2017-09-11 14_43_37-WIP


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FWIW, This is what those look like on my system:

Hi Willem - here, 3dmbaks are different:


I guess they should be on your system as well of you have the v6/WIP installed… I’m not sure what governs this but it looks like it is not working everywhere.


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I have the same problem, both for .3dmbak and .gh files!

Hi everyone, sorry for upping this thread but I’m still missing .gh, .gha and .3dmbak files icons. I think I’ve tried each and every solution I could find on the web but to no avail. Any ideas about what I could try next?

Currenty running v6, but I also have v5 installed.