Rhino pattern

I’m trying to make ridges/surface to grip on a cup I am working on. So I was able to make a curve and then pipe it to make the ridge. Now I’m struggling with figuring out how to revolve that around the whole surface in a pattern. Is there an easy way to do this?Hot-Cup.3dm (673.7 KB)

Hello - ArrayPolar in the Front view looks like what you are after maybe. Depending on the goal you could also make a texture and apply bump mapping to a material or apply displacement mapping like so:

Hot-Cup 001_PG.3dm (359.4 KB)


Hi Pascal,

The image on the right is exactly what I am looking for. Is that accomplished through displacement mapping or is that using ArrayPolar? What’s the process like for making a texture and bump mapping? Sorry I am new to Rhino and trying to learn the ins- and outs


Hi Sri - the image is displacement mapped - there’s a file there for you to look at. Look the outer ‘skin’ of the collar has the displacement applied - the Texture panel has the ‘Waves’ texture used and the object itself, in Properties > Mapping page (when you select the collar surface) has the texture repeat at 100 (I set it on both U and V but only one is needed)
If the goal is a picture, then this may be good enough - if you need the 3d geometry, I’d use the ArrayPolar on the object you have prepared as a single ridge.

Makes sense. Yes I need to 3D-print this part out so the geometry is needed. ArrayPolar is what I will use then. Thank you so much!

Hi Sri - to 3d print, you’ll need to combine the arrayed ridge with the collar - so, I’d make it full round, and then make a collar like what I have in my model (but the outer skin joined in) and then add the ridge to the outside of that but intersecting the colla. Make your array and then BooleanUnion the resulting ridges to the collar to make it all one thing, If this is integral to and not a separate part from the cup, you’ll need to get the collar as a whole trimmed into the cup and joined.

Incidentally, the top edge of your cup - I’d be afraid I’d slice my face in two…