Pattern on a surface help!

Hi guys I have this cup and I want to make a pattern on it , I can do it manually but it will take forever also I can’t control it , if I want to make changes to it ! , after I use the command Boolean difference !

My question is : Can I do it in another way , easier and to have access to change it if I want to !?

Thank you !!

Can’t open your link, but sounds like flowalongsurface might be interesting for you?

I fix it , yap flow on a surface is a option the prob is , when some of the spheres need to be more in some out ,angles etc, also how can I arrange them to create this pattern , ?


How about orientonsurface, and then move the spheres relative to the surface normal, or relative to one of key sphere? Or snap to a surface isoparm.
Depends on what you want to do…

I edited the picture , that’s the pattern I want , thx I will have a try