Problems building up a pattern

Hi all

I am currently trying to create the pattern (image below) on a ring by tracing the curves and using the ‘Curve Network’ tool to create raised surfaces (like he does in this video -

But so far my results are not looking that great…

I think there must be a better way to create this… I was wondering if anyone had any advice about more appropriate actions/tools I should try to create the pattern?

pattern test_rhino forum.3dm (5.6 MB)

I think this is a pretty good method. I would advise rebuilding some of the super heavy surfaces to soften them up and reduce the poly counts. It will have the added benefit of allowing you to do some simple point editing to add detail.

With some of the lighter surfaces I would just use the Remove knot command to simplify them where needed.

I would also raise up the planar surface to trim off all the singularities on the surfaces. This will soften all the pointy ends.