Grad student needs help again flow along surface

Help!!! I have been trying for two days to no avail. I want to add texture to my ring. I have tried flowalongsurface and applyUVcurves. Nothing works. The design doesn’t apply the same on the ring as it is flat. I split the ring to make it easier still no go. Please help in Rhino6. I don’t have Rhino7 yet and am in midterms need to work in Rhino6.

LDT ARTS 651 ring with curve on surface.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - is the problem getting it to stick out rather than in, or getting the ends to meet up or both, or?


Both. When I apply it to the surface some sticks out as it should but some shows up flat. And the ends don’t match up.

I see - well, the way the command works is it maps the object from the UV and normal of the base surface to the U,V and normal of the target. It does do some adjustment to try to make sure that it lines things up in a logical way but it cannot know what, exactly, you want, necessarily. So for example, the ends will not meet up if they are short of the ends of the base surface:

In any case, here the ends would need to overlap and that is not possible, so you’d need to rethink how that is cut up. A simpler solution here would be to flow one repeat only of the wave from a correctly sized base surface:

leaving the ends open:

And then ArrayPolar the result.

and Join.


Hi Pascal, Your direction looked so great. I cut it down to size and was able to polar array but they won’t join or boolean union. I just deleted two hours of work. Any other ideas?

Hi Pascal. Thank you for your help cutting it up helped. I was able to cut / flow /polar array. I was able to boolean 9 out of the 10 segments which was fine since I needed one section without anyway. Thanks again. Lisa