Surface Manipulation advice

(John) #1

Hiya, am looking for some advice on the best working method to use on this surface I’ve manipulated.

I’ve used softmove to bulge the side of this joint slightly which am happy with but the action has deformed the edges of the surface so they no longer meet it’s neighbouring edges. I’ve used blendsrf to fix it
in a couple of different ways but it looses it’s organic feel.

I’ve got a decent grip on Rhino but am definitely not creating this shape as efficiently as I could be, any advice on a better way of creating this shape?



arm.3dm (679.3 KB)

(Miled Rizk) #2


I worked a on the model,
I used a combination of Dupedge for the border. where you want the buldge,
Then i made two crossing curves and used Patch on all three of them.
Here’s the file i worked on. You have a new layer called New Shapes that contains all the three
shapes i used plus the two new surfaces.arm_workON.3dm (821.6 KB)

(John) #3

Thanks Miled,

Did you happen to use a version other then 5? am getting a not compatible with this version error when opening

(Miled Rizk) #4

ah yes,
here’s the v5 version
v5-arm_workON.3dm (792.6 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi John - you can fight your way out of this with a little work but it seems to me it is not a great way to make this object… a couple of things…

  • my guess is you want this edge to be lined up and not have that tiny shelf there:


I’d make sure to get this kind of thing nice and clean, unless that is actually part of the design - those little surfaces and edges cab make for all kinds of complication later.

  • Once that is clean, I’d make some curves that define the bulge:

And then create your patch surface,

  • if need be you can Patch with History on and then change the curves to make the patch update but I would not manipulate the patch surface directly, there is no way to ensure that the edges will stay put.

Patch_PG.3dm (347.9 KB)


(Akche001) #6

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

arm_Akche.3dm (1.4 MB)

(Akche001) #7

Another version. The trick is in curves. arm_Akche1.3dm (1.7 MB)

(John) #8

Much appreciated Akche! Can you talk me through the process? The topic is part needing a problem solved and understanding the a more efficient way of treating the shape :slight_smile:

(John) #9

Much appreciated Pascal! That’s very easy to understand :slight_smile:

(John) #10

Thanks Miled!

(Akche001) #11

Yup sure John. Here! Process.rar (3.2 MB)