Rhino on Linux?

Oh… @Przemas - it’s a huge pain!
I’ve been trying seems to me everything.

  1. No, I was not able to run Rhino using wine.
  2. I was trying to run it on mac using virtual machine. Creating virtual machine running Mac OS is another pain by itself, but after about month struggling with this and that I managed to run it. Then I installed Rhino. It runs, but seems to me not getting enough GPU resources.
    so, it runs, but pretty useless.

For MAC there it’s a native port of Rhino called RhinoMAC. If you want to run RhinoWindows on MAC try the Qemu route. Here it is a tutorial on how to enable the 3D graphics acceleration on MAC: Running VMs with VirtIO 3D Acceleration -- λ ryan. himmelwright. net
I am running Rhino on Linux using Qemu/KVM/Virt-Manager which it’s much better than Wine.

If you don’t know how to install Qemu, here’s a tutorial:

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Hopefully soon will be also 3D acceleration drivers for WindowsGuest:
Virgil and Windows: A True Romance - DevConf.CZ 2020


I would like to invite you all to try my approach to have rhino on Linux.

Following the video from RNA Design Hub (How To Install Rhino 7 + Grasshopper in Linux (Works 100%) - YouTube) I have built a Docker container with Rhino7 already installed and running.

It can be run on any Linux machine with Docker installed with just a couple of commands. Everything is explained in this repository at Bitbucket .

You will need of course a valid license of Rhino7 .

Please feel invited to try it and give a feedback.


Thanks for the information and video.
I’ve tried this a few times but dotnet 48 is broken with the latest wine 8 stable? How do I force install dotnet 48?

if you are familiar with docker, try the instructions in my bitbucket. Everything is already installed in the provided container. Just do a docker pull manuelsotoma/rhino-on-wine.


Too bad you don’t share the dockerfile or compose file, it’d be much more interesting to see that and it be much less of a black box.

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I will prepare the Dockerfile, it is my roadmap.

For the moment I just could install everything by executing a shell inside the container, but when I have time I will do the Dockerfile and add it to the repo.

In the meantime whoever wants to try it has to trust it is just a Fedora image with wine installed and Rhino over Wine.


Since this thread is sleeping so long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rhino 8 WIP is running fine on wine 8.8 with netfx and netcore

Grasshopper with Rhino7 and Rhino8 running since wine 8.1.

Only strange so far is that quadremesh is grayed out and not working on rhino8 WIP. Rhino say i should select a object to remesh but after that there is no window with settings.

Tested 5 Minutes.

I have installed via winetricks “dotnet48, corefonts” and set renderer to “vulkan” but the “WindowsEdge2RuntimeUpdater” keeps running and need to killed manually after install rhino8 to use winetricks every time it get started.


Can you explain step by step please, i have been trying for hours. I only get virtual_setup_exception stack overflow error


Ahh… another close to decade old request. Feels like McNeel all right :laughing: but yeah, this one is a biggie.

I strongly suspect that Windows 10 is my last Microsoft OS seeing the amount of adware and spyware that Microsoft is forcing into 11+ and I just can’t stomach it anymore. The future looks grim.

However, going through what I use on my PC regularly, there’s literally only two holdouts. Affinity and McNeel. That’s it. Those are the only two preventing me from moving to Linux today, if I wanted to (yes, yes, I see your workarounds above… I know how complicated and finnicky Linux can be, so not interested in that deep dive). Talk about the tides changing from a decade ago (when this thread was made).

So, +1 for a native Linux version. Wonder what will happen first? Me moving or McNeel making a move… (probably me). :smile:


that’s what I said when I changed from 7 to 10 already. Yeah, it’s Rhino 7’s fault I had to change. And also, it’s already too late to wanting to protect your data. Win 10 already takes absolutely everything from your system including time between clicks, every single letter you type, time between keystrokes etc.

They’ve sadly already confirmed multiple times that they won’t, because there isn’t enough demand… :sneezing_face:

I already said that IF they make it for Linux halfway working, directly -1 on Win and +1 on Linux, even if I had to pay double the price for a linux version.

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"They’ve sadly already confirmed multiple times that they won’t, because there isn’t enough demand… "

In the 90s, before cell phones existed, there was no need or demand for this portability.
Everyone knows how it evolved.
More recently :
There was never any need to take pictures at any time.
There was no need for a GPS to get around
…you understand ?

It is also a vicious circle, the product creates the demand, they must know that at McNeel :slight_smile:

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I can absolutely understand that the mcneel group isn’t interested in developing a linux version. if you look at the market share of linux in the desktop space, you see that a rhino linux version would be hard to justify. they would need to employ more developers and it is very questionable if a tiny linux userbase would get that investement back.

i’ve always been a windows user and sadly i see the windows operating system getting worse over time. i don’t mean in terms of ui/ux, in that regard i do like the updates that came with win11. i mean the fact that microsoft is constantly trying to collect and monetize userdata. the necessary online account, edge browser, the windows search, to name just a few points. just out of curiosity i have a secondary desktop setup with fedora installed. i have to say that i really like how this platform is evolving.

so while i absolutely understand that there is zero interest from mcneel to work on a rhino linux version, i also would like to express that i would find it absolutely awesome if such a thing would come to life at some point in the future.

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It is not necessary, you can install Windows and have your account be local only. (It isn’t made easy for first account, but it is possible, as I have done many times already).

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Doesn’t really matter either. Just owning a graphics card these days means you get spied on in Windows:

I actually got a laptop which I’m running Linux on now. It’s amazing how good the desktop experience have gotten in recent years. Can’t wait until I can dump Windows on my main PC too!

A false problem.
Here’s what others have done without any need for a investment back, since they’re totally free:
Check out FreeCAD or Blender.
Both are available for Windows, Mac and Linux !

So, now imagine what you can do with money from licenses…

Yes, I know that it’s possible to get around it. Though the general direction of microsoft is to collect as much data as possible. Especially since all the big tech companies now want to train their ai, they want to get as much data as possible. This affects basically every microsoft product.

I don’t know the specifics of that intel gpu driver case, though I’m not against data collection or telemetry entirely. Of course there can be a huge benefit for a company to knwo how their software is used and that can help to improve it. I think there is a right way to do this and transparency is one aspect of it.

I’d love that too.

Blender and Rhino as a company are setup very differenty. It took Blender decades to get to where they are now, I assume the same applies to Rhino. Big tech companies donate to the Blender foundation regularly. Of course it is possible to offer a software that runs on all three operating systems. But that doesn’t mean that this is a financially viable option for the McNeel company. You certainly can’t just switch Rhinos business model to the way Blender does it over night.

Is this the right place to share success reports?

I got the latest rhino_en-us_7.32.23221.10241.exe running. Still trying 8 WIP.

Couldn’t lock license to the host (aka standalone), only floating/cloud worked. But after installation it is possible to run it offline (at least it hasn’t complained yet).

When installing Rhino 8 third parties it tried to connect to were google, baidu and gravatar. If you block them (opensnitch) licensing failed.

OS: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64
Kernel: 6.4.10-arch1-1
WM: KWin
CPU: Intel i7-10750H (12) @ 5.000GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Mobile / Max-Q
GPU: Intel CometLake-H GT2 [UHD Graphics]

Pacman/AUR packages. Probably not everything from this list is needed.


wine setup without a prefix (based on this demo):

winetricks -q corefonts pptfonts dotnet48 vcrun2005 vcrun2010 vcrun2013 vcrun2019 vcrun6 vcrun6sp6 gdiplus dxvk
wine winecfg -v win10
wine Downloads/rhino_en-us_7.32.23221.10241.exe

Under Wayland (KDE) and with an optimus laptop on nvidia binary driver (not open source) worked as well. Nvidia render offload causes quite a few glitches though (but no crashes yet):

env __NV_PRIME_RENDER_OFFLOAD=1 __VK_LAYER_NV_optimus=NVIDIA_only __GLX_VENDOR_LIBRARY_NAME=nvidia wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Rhino\ 7/System/Rhino.exe

and finishing commands doesn’t refresh the window (this is after clickling to complete the box):

Still hasn’t tested it on a properly large scene (only some boxes).

Statup times are really nice - ~12 seconds both on Intel iGPU and Nvidia dGPU. Seems about the same as on native Windows.

Firejail works as well with the default profile and this .config/firejail/wine.local:

whitelist ${HOME}/.wine
whitelist ${HOME}/.cache/winetricks
whitelist ${HOME}/.cache/wine
whitelist ${HOME}/Desktop
tmpfs ${HOME}/Desktop
net none
# ignore allow-debuggers

not sure why allow-debuggers is needed, but otherwise licensing doesn’t work.

I’ve tried bottles, as well, but couldn’t even start the installer (always only showed a blank white window).


If anyone got a recent version of Rhino 8 WIP to run please let me know. Both 23220.12305 and 22361.18305 crash with err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception.
8.0.22154.00305 seemed to work, but unfortunately it’s already expired: