Rhino on Linux?

Oh… @Przemas - it’s a huge pain!
I’ve been trying seems to me everything.

  1. No, I was not able to run Rhino using wine.
  2. I was trying to run it on mac using virtual machine. Creating virtual machine running Mac OS is another pain by itself, but after about month struggling with this and that I managed to run it. Then I installed Rhino. It runs, but seems to me not getting enough GPU resources.
    so, it runs, but pretty useless.

For MAC there it’s a native port of Rhino called RhinoMAC. If you want to run RhinoWindows on MAC try the Qemu route. Here it is a tutorial on how to enable the 3D graphics acceleration on MAC: Running VMs with VirtIO 3D Acceleration -- λ ryan. himmelwright. net
I am running Rhino on Linux using Qemu/KVM/Virt-Manager which it’s much better than Wine.

If you don’t know how to install Qemu, here’s a tutorial:

Hopefully soon will be also 3D acceleration drivers for WindowsGuest:
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