Rhino for Linux Ubuntu

Is there a way that Rhino can be installed on a Linux Ubuntu operating system? If not, are there any plans to make it possible in the future.

My whole community is moving over to Linux but I’m stuck with Win10 because I use Rhino. I hope that there is a solution for me.

Thanks people.

I’ve just learned about VirtualBox. Has anybody used this to run Rhino on Linux. My PC is being repaired so unable to test it now but would appreciate any information about it.

don’t dreaming… :grin:

We have no plans to port Rhino to Linux - sorry.

Thanks Dale.

As well as some others, I got Rhino installing and running on linux (xubuntu). But for whatever reason it assumes that my evaluation period is expired as soon as it started, so I can not comment on what all is working and not working. Polylines and opening .3dm files at least, so that’s something =)