Rhino for Linux

The only thing needed to have a perfect experience: Run Rhino on Linux!
Maybe you can see it like this: the less we pay for windows/mac license the more we’ll pay for Rhino actualizations.
Also on Arm cores, then so offer the best 3d creative experience to a huge creative/doer comunity.


Before starting a new thread, you might want to search for similar topics in this forum - there are many on this subject…

Of course I have, years looking for and reading.
And it seems that because there are not much threads on this topic it has not wide interest.
So I start a thread, that other people can join to show the interest on this topic.
Maybe is not the use is suposed to be. But as a Rhinoceros license owner (and user since year 2000!), I must have a way to ask Mcneel for one popular need.
Thanks for the comprehension. My apologies if I disturb anyone with this thread.


As Luis suggested, in the thread about Rhino on Linux there is one where a user has installed succesfully Rhino 7.0
You can try to follow this guide