Rhino on Linux?

I wonder if someone really using linux as a full design pipeline workstation machine? Because I can’t think of an industry or profession that relies on a single piece of software.

As much I like Linux and I always keep fedora as a second boot OS. It is almost impossible to use it as a workstation OS (as an architect) I heavily rely on other windows only software like Bluebeam Revu, Revit, Adobe Creative Suite, V-Ray and Twinmotion.

In my opinion. We are professionals and we care about our business efficiency and I can’t justify my love to a specific OS that reduces my level of productivity.


As CAD furniture designer/CNC machinist, personally I can do my work 100% in Rhino with some QCAD/CAM help when needed, which also run on Linux. There are more specialized tools, but over time I created a lot of tools in Grasshopper to help-me accomplish my tasks.


Hi JD -

It was Marlin, but, yes…

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This is probably thinking loud, and I don’t want to trigger any discomfort among the people posting in here, It is just that I would like to enjoy the use of Rhino in my favorite environment, and in the one I think it could deliver the most out of its potential.

some might think wine is not as brittle as it might look, even chromeOS is starting to add official support to gaming machines through Steam/Proton.

Meanwhile Windows is an OS which is getting worse and worse consistently on each update Microsoft releases, and this is not new. Nowadays it is difficult to find a kid that is not a Linux power user even though they don’t realize it and for most of them it will be difficult to leave the Google/ChromeOS environment when they leave school.

I would not be comfortable by selling software that does not work on Linux.

Just my thoughts.
Cheers to everybody


While I understand the massive effort needed to port Rhino with the UI to Linux, how realistic it is to port just the geometric kernel (aka RhinoCommon)?

Especially with Rhino.Inside becoming a big thing nowadays, it would be nice to be able run it as a server without paying a Windows Server licence…

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I have a photoshop knockoff that I bought 20 years ago, on a CD, in a box, at office max I think, and I have it installed and running on my win10 machine. Probably my rhino 2 CD would install and run if I tried it. Whatever windows has got wrong, this is what it got right

I think @dale posted awhile back Rhino 1.0 running on Win 10…

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That would be amazing

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Personally i dont see whats the big deal. The OS provides a box where my applications live in. And a file explorer. I would happily switch to Linux or MacOs if it had any advantages, but for me it doesnt. Being a fan of a particular OS is something i will never understand.

who said nothing about being a fan of nothing, it is ok if you don’t see any advantage, just keep using windows as it is a good choice for you. But let the others that do see an advantage on a different environment to have a constructive discussion about it.


I think this can be a great way for running Rhino in a Cross-Platform configuration or setting rhino as a web app.

If you are concerned about your security then you should be concerned on what OS you are using. Do you think it’s OK that I wasn’t able to login into my Windows11 machine just because the Windows rebooted three times in a row and Microsoft decided that I have no right to log back in into MY machine? Took me a few hours until I was able to log back in, but believe-me it was a frightening experience. Windows, no thanks, anymore, as soon as Rhino can run decently on Linux I’m out of Windows forever.


This is such an important aspect well beyond the technical issues at play. We pride ourselves on our support and supporting another Operating System would require a significant increase in staffing.


While I’m one of the people who’d jump ship at the first opportunity from Windows if Rhino was stable on Linux, I also want to commend you and the team for what you already do. Your support has been consistently above and beyond helpful in my experience.

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totally subscribe your afirmation!

I would if Rhino runned reliably on linux. I make jewelry.

and you guys do a really good job since very long time and still do.

Here we go. Rhino7 running flawlesly on SteamDeck throug Boxes app:

It is working better with Qemu/KVM/Virt-Manager but for some odd reason libvirt got some issues on my machine and don’t know how to fix-it.

P.S. Windows11 can’t install in Boxes because can’t recognize the disk where to install. Still looking for a fix.


Bonjour à tous
Pour faire suite à ce sujet j’ai migré sous linux mint 21.
J’ai une licence Rhino6 commerciale mais ce qui me freine de upgrader rhino V7 c’est le faite que j’ai changé OS
Si rhino ne fonctionne pas sous linux je ne ferais pas le pas d’aller sur rhino 7 .
Mais de voir pour freecad.
après une longue recherche sur le net, j’ai trouvé un tuto pour linux mint 21.
je vais essayer de l’appliquer pour voir si rhino6 fonctionne avec linux mint 21

voici le lien de cette vidéo:

si cela peut aider d’autre personne sous linux à utiliser rhino et augmenter le nom d’utilisateur qui sont sur linux

au plaisir de vous relire


I do think that the Qemu/KVM/Virt-Manager it is the best solution as compatibility/stability/performance. In my case it runs perfectly and quiet fast.