Vray Proxy Problem

Hello, I downloaded a plants package from food for rhino. It contained many meshes with each proxy besides it.
The package also contained jpgs.

Problem is that I cant render these into my model. No matter what I try they are not as they really are.
I tried importing the vrmesh into my model, but it chages color.
Then I tried creating the vrmesh again from the original mesh, but it also changes color when imported.
I then tried making a block from the original mesh and copy pasting into my model, but it loses the material and it turns to defuallt.

I came across this thread:

similar problem. It eventually got resolved by changing the settings of the materials it seems. But I have no idea how to do that.

After importing:

Edition window:

All those “materials” are simply different color combinations.
I cannot load the original “materials” of the tree because they are no materials… What should I do to relink the original texture of the trees?

I have same problem. Did you fix it?

I think I did by simply finding a way to relink the correct jpg and texture to the material in the material options, In the end I ended up using only two of the trees so it was not that hard.

Hope someone has a better way.

tell me if I understand correctly:

you have a 3dm file, this file contains several plants a mesh version with associated materials, and a proxy vray version without associated materials.


Are the mesh materials vray material or rhino materials?

I would do that, to simplify:

  1. delete all the proxies.

select all the meshes and type the command " visConvertRhinoMat "

Select the meshes one by one and recreate the proxies, you will see that every single proxy created will have associated a vray multimaterial with all the textures in place. :wink:


I’m not sure if this is a bug or something I’m doing wrong. I have an object composed of many meshes that I want to transform into a vray proxy to use in a scene. The meshes are not grouped or in a block. Each of the meshes has a material assigned with V-Ray Material Asset Editor. These materials have been converted from Rhino materials. The file was originally imported from a sketchup file. The file was in 2014 skp version and was saved to sketchup 8 version before importing to rhino. When I export the to a vray proxy (replacing the original objects) it works perfect. But if I then import the vrmesh file to the scene I doesn’t include any of the original materials.I have tried different ways to assign the materials to the objects but the results are the same.

MacbookPro_aberto.3dm (1.8 MB)

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Minimizing Faces in Preview when making a proxy from 10k to 5k did the trick for me, although I am having a problem bending the proxy and rendering it. It shows simply it not being curved. Any ideas why ?

what you’re bending is not an actual geometry, but a viewport representation - something to display in the viewport and give you a notion where the proxy will be rendered. Only basic transformations (translation, rotation and scale) are taken into account when rendered.