Rhino material editor wish: keep collapse state


I’m intensive using the Rhino material editor for Enscape use and I found, that the material are automatic expand by several commands, for example _purge … . Please fix it so that never all materials are expanded if the user doesn’t start the expand per context menu.


I’m not sure I understand the steps to see this issue… this is what I tried in the Rhino v6 beta

  • have many materials in the material panel with some applied to objects and some not
  • switch the material editor to Tree display
  • run Purge with Materials = Yes… at this point the remaining materials in the editor should be expanded to show their texture maps. They remain collapsed here however so it may already work as you hope in the v6 beta.

Let me know if not and explain any more details. v5 behavior will not change since all the dev work is happening in v6 now.

Hi Brain, you describe it right. A R6 fix would be fine. There more circumstances where I got expanded materials. Should I try to report them?

Also I lost the right slider of the material tree. Only if I scroll up/down it is shown.

Okay, I think it already works as you want then in v6. Try your file out there if you can to check. I’ll only be able to file bugs/wishes against v6 at this point so report anything you find still but I’ll check it in the v6 beta… or you can too of course.

Is there a Render plugin that you need to use the v6 beta?

Right, but R5 and R6 versions are ready. :slight_smile:
Looks like it’s time to jump to R6.

Thank you.