Using Material Editor Tree View [expand/collapse]


Could someone show me how you can organise materials using the Tree view within the material editor. I’d like to arrange materials in a similar way as I can layers with a master material category say ‘wood’ and sub materials say ‘oak’ ‘beech’ ‘pine’

The right button menu shows a Expand All / Collapse All button but I can not for the life of me figure out how to sub organise materials? This is a real pain as myself and colleagues often work with interior files that have hundreds of materials. Tagging and searching for materials isn’t really that useful or efficient.

Hi John - Expand and Collapse are for individual materials- textures and so on are what get expanded or collapsed - the mateiral will show a + symbol if it has that possibility. The materials you show, judging by the names, are ones where I’d expect to contain textures but they are not expandable - what is the current renderer? Here, Beech (Rhino material) shows the + sign.

In V6/WIP, materials can have tags, so you can organize and filter the view of your material library with those,


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the answer. I was hoping that there was a way to organise materials in the same way as I can with layers/sub layers and thought I was missing a way to easily do this. I appreciate the tagging that’s been added to V6/WIP but I still find materiel organisation a bit of a pain. BTW we use Octane, the screen shot was me just trying to explain my problem.


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