V6 Bug: Custom Material Enviroment Map Blows Out Texture

I’ve Found that when using a Custom texture, and adding an environment map, that activating the environment map, at even a 1% setting, entirely blows out the material.

The Material is blown out in the preview and the render.
Cycles doesn’t seem to suffer from the bug, yet the rendering is quite a bit different, which is par for the course.

Dinner 004.3dm (9.1 MB)

[I still wish there object coordinate system repeating textures, with fit to NURB edges, so applying materials wouldn’t be so frustrating and time consuming. I just want make geometry, applying materials, and be done with it–instead of laboring over every single object.]

Hello - I am not seeing that here so far…


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for looking into this.

Are both the color and bumpmaps on as well as the Environment map?

Hi Brenda - I tried all different ways - I do see that the preview shows blown out - does a full render look bad as well?


Under Rhino Render, yes. Under Cycles AFIK, no.

Perhaps the new Environment system is conflicting with the old, manually controlled one?
This is a bug that I never saw in version 5.

I’m trying for a brushed stainless, but it needs environment and reflection. I am starting on a Jerry O’Mahony styled Diner for a book cover. Everything was apparently, formed with the same tooling, so it’s going faster than I thought, which makes me feel empowered, wrongly : )

Otherwise, this is turning out to be a really fun project.

Yeah, this used to work BEAUTIFULLY in RH-5, until they disabled it in favor of “encouraging” a migration forward to RH-6. I used a NUMBER of VERY CUSTOM Image files in my Custom Materials for YEARS, and produced some STUNNING results for Chevron INCLUDING some FABULOUS animations, and now NOTHING works reliably. I guess its that “Improvement” to the RHINO Visuals we got with “RAYTRACED” and their disabling of Opengl AA in RH-5, and now, according to some feedback I’m seeing on another thread here, apparently in RH-6, too.

I guess they REALLY want us to move into the CYCLES-Noise Twilight-zone of Raytraced, because its SO much better than Rendered Viewport with AND WITHOUT Shadows, AND Standard RHINO-Render + NEON. Yeah, maybe NOT.

Oh well, GOOD LUCK -


You might be able to force some AA using a video card widget, such as in Nvidia’s. You can usually force AA on aps anosotropic filtering, also.

When rendering, you can often render the image larger, and rescale with a nice cubic resample.

The lights can be made smoother by using rectangle and linear lights, or by clustering bulbs. Surface lighting can to some degree be using self-illumination on the surface, and a series of point-lights. That is how the old video game did it that used radiosity.

Hi Brenda - see if this material gets you anywhere-

Dinner 004_PG.3dm (2.3 MB)


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for working on my behalf. I will try it as soon as my current render is completed.

Though, the ability to have custom rendering materials is important–even for per-surface environment maps. In the case of this diner I am working on, the render will be a night-scene on the outside, cast in neon light and harsh light, while the inside will be lit with interior lights. Two different environment maps will be needed, or perhaps the interior won’t have one. When this is done it needs to be almost convincing enough to stick live models in front of, which is a lot to ask of the stock renderer or cycles, or my skills. : )

Do you mean on the material or as environments with reflective materials? I’d go with the latter.


Hi, what I meant was: a global environment map would not work well here. I want to use a combination of reflections and environments.

Brushed metal is very difficult to render convincingly because metal diffracts light, and while you can add some tooth to the metal using a bumpmap, a color map still helps–even if the color seems counter-intuitive because you can’t keep adding bumpmap resolution down to until the diffraction/wavelength size.

The first of 3 is a sample diner, the second is yours in Rhino3D render, the third is in Cycles with mine, but it should have both a bump and it really needs an enviroment map of a cityscape. Cycles cannot take your bumpmap with the fine mesh that the curved roof uses.

The challenge is even greater, because it will be at night,

And not only that, LOL, I have to fix a lot of texture orientations on the metal, and perhaps put up a dramatic sky, which will bring up the minimum light level to give myself a fighting chance.

Thank you for the suggestion and effort.

Could the bug be that it thinks that self-illumination is on?