Enscape news - Rhino plugin got Enscape materials - what do you think?


since a long time I was curious for the planed Enscape materials at Rhino and now, at the preview, the materials are available. I expected more users talking about the new feature, but maybe it’s overseen, so I post a note here.

I’m curious what you think. I’m the only one who isn’t happy about the weak implementation? The materials are nor direct editable at the Rhino material editor. The user need to open an own Enscape material editor without any extra functionality like known from the rhino material editor. During the Enscape material editor is opened, Rhino is blocked. So, the user need to jump between Rhino and Enscape material editor. The workflow is cumbersome.

In my eyes the quality of the implementation matchs the general implementation quality - the general setup options are not saved to the Rhino file, so it can get lost. The saved camera target are not used as focus point and the user needs to manual adjust the focus point for each view. The render window doesn’t stick in the foreground. The batch render ignores the lens length of each saved view and is using the lens length of the first view for all.

On the other side Ensacpe has a very interesting engine. The user can create quick shots and animations at high quality. It looks like the Achilles ferse of missing mirror quality will be fixed by RTX functionality soon.

My hope is more user test the current material editor functionality at the preview version and write some feedback.

I don’t use Enscape often, but I would like to have a sharp tool in my tool box. :wink: