Rants and rants

Hi Guys, just writing to rant on my recent experience of finally using a rhino for work for the first time after two months of self educating. I must say it was very nightmarish. Running tutorials in your own pace is one thing, applying in real is another. The amount of precision that rhino ask for is insane, plus the amount of info we have to manage is no joke, I will say if you are super messy you might just run back to sketch up. Then you get into problems like why you can’t make a simple modification, why you can’t project lines, why it isn’t splitting or trimmed and why changing views to control objects etc. Then, it took me one hour just to pdf 3 layouts because the program kept crashing for some strange reason. The file is only 21mb. Having said these, I like the potential of rhino and grasshopper and hope this experience was just a learning curves and temp setback. Almost no one is using Rhino in Sydney because it doesn’t have that kind of workflow like archicad or revit, not even a physical class. After all this precise drawing, rhino folder just got dumped in the concept folder because it doesn’t document. There must be some smart modeling method for rhino somewhere.

That’s why we love it :slight_smile:

  • Then you get into problems like why you can’t make a simple modification, why you can’t project lines, why it isn’t splitting or trimmed and why changing views to control objects etc*

I think you have to keep learning.

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But rhino is not a documenting software. It shouldn’t be so precise. Worrying about details is very counter intuitive. At the concept stage you want something quick and easily modified.

Don’t worry : with a bit more practice you will be able to make your Rhino models just as imprecise as with Sketchup :smile:

It’s a question of learning the Rhino way of doing things and the shortcuts which suit your workflow. Throw in some GrassHopper or Python scripting and you can work very quickly in Rhino.


This is what we widely use it for, beside modelling.

Hey, you knew I’m talking like an ex sketch up user right, cause you’re right lol. It’s too bad we don’t have a physical tutorial class in Sydney :frowning:
Is there a smart way of modeling in rhino? I must be doing this the wrong way.

Please define SMART.

Smart= managing

Not here in Sydney. Why draw 2d lines when you have bim. But I like the potential of rhino and therefore I’m learning it.

A quick search on the forum shows a few past events and queries relating to Sydney. Google Trends says that Australia is the 4th highest searcher of “Rhino 3D” so there clearly are some Rhino users out there somewhere, even if it is hard to find them amongst all the AutoCad and Sketchup people.

Posting on the forum “How do I model Object xxxx ?” together with your efforts so far is a good way to get help and hints from more experienced users.

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What are you trying to model? It would help to explain what you are trying to do and where you get stuck with specific examples.
Just saying “modification doesn’t work” or “cannot project lines” tells nothing if somebody wants to try and help out.

There are things where BIM takes you nowhere: jewelry, ships, furniture, sculpture and big chunk of architecture too.

I had posted some queries before and you guys had a been great help. But I need one on one tutorial. Have so many questions in my head. Lol. The problems that I had today were some hurdles that I didn’t see them coming and I don’t have time to properly fix them. I took work home to do it in 3 hours and ended up doing it more than 8 hours with 3 hours of sleep. I can’t rock up to work empty handed lol

I posted on the forum, trust me.

And I’m in Sydney so I know what it’s like here. The only tutorials available here are the online one and I thinks that’s crazy. You need someone there to answer questions!

Don’t even get me started on grasshopper… was just trying to generate some vertical lines and they went horizontal, doesn’t matter which uv Direction there are. Sooooo bloody random. Spend 1.30hours on it but the idea was scrapped. Thanks rhino lol.

Maybe is jut planar checkbox ON.

Oh where is that check box? In the properties?

In the Osnap menu check if project is ticked.

This will influence the direction of the cull pattern in grasshopper?

Of course, they are hiding in the dark, busy googling for answers… :wink:

I really like Rhino. And I switched to Duckduckgo, so no more hiding and googling for me. :slight_smile:

// Rolf