Rhino License Manager Initialization failed with error -200. Rhino will not Run


I’m trying to run Rhino.Inside Revit and I get this error. It works on my laptop but it’s not working on my desktop computer. Also tried to repair the install to see if it was a .net issue which it didn’t do anything. Any ideas what else it could be? Thanks!

Are you able to run Rhino by itself on this computer? If so, I would suspect that there is some other addin for Revit that is conflicting with Rhino.

Thanks for your reply, Steve. Pyrevit was the addin giving the issue.

We’ve seen this before. Luckily the pyRevit developer is not very far away from us and is open to working with us to fix this. Still trying to figure out the exact cause.

It would be helpful if you could try the following:

  • Start Rhino and run the PlugInManager command
  • disable the IronPython plug-in in Rhino
  • Close Rhino
  • Start Revit with pyRevit installed

Does Rhino.Inside now load?

Hi Steve,

I tried following your instructions but I still get the same error 200.

@scottd and @kike, can you help?

Hi Neha,

We have a little guide on how to address those cases here.

Could you please follow those instructions and tell us if it fixes your problem?

Kike, the link to Github is broken :roll_eyes:

Hi Libny - looks like you missed this announcement:


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