Load echec Revit (Rhino Inside)

I’m trying this plugin this morning which seems very promising and it’s off to a bad start…


Why ? :sleepy:

In revit with detail:

In gh (for rhino):

We see this issue appear sometimes when a user has some other plugins installed with Revit. Is this your case? It might be worth looking at the following link to see which plugins are conflicting with Rhino.Inside.Revit:

Please let me know if this yields some information we can use to further support you.

I used boostyourbim (AddinManager) to disable all plugin but I still have the same problem.

It’s ok for me !
I didn’t immediately understand that it was only valid for rhino wip

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How do you produce this error message without installing Rhino WIP?
Have you ever installed and uninstalled Rhino WIP before?

The message should be this other one in that case.

I didn’t have rhino in the ribbon, it was when I started reviving that I got the error message

I see…
Many thanks!!