Rhino keymap for Blender (2.80)

As a FYI for those users who also have Blender in their pipeline (or are thinking of doing so), I started a Rhino 3D keymap for Blender 2.80.

Basic viewport navigation is as per Rhino navigation.


Nice! I used to have a similar keymap with earlier versions, but it was far more limited as in 2.8.

If you get more rhino-ey improvements for the keymap I gladly accept pull requests.

Things I didn’t check in Blender 3d viewport are for instance rigging, sculpting, grease pencil, weight painting and such.

Some updates:


After hating on Blender for 15 years I decided to try the 2.80 beta and I was about to start a thread about how grateful I feel to whoever influenced Blender with the Rhino viewport navigation. Well, now I know. Thank you Nathan !!!

Even without remapping to RMB and keeping the MMB the behavior of the viewports are now close enough down to the cursor viewport wrapping. They are making substantial UI improvements.

(: glad you find it useful.

I hope to get both tools to work together well.


Nathan, about the keymap file, once we apply a custom keymap to blender 2.8 we loose the preferences tab at the very top where you can assign things to the spacebar and such.

Would you happen to know how to edit those features manually ? For instance are the Context menu popup, Search box popup, and the main tool-shelf popup available anywhere in the key-tree-labyrinth pile ?

Also, I notice Blender only saves to the .py the keys that changed over the default. For instance if we export the built-in “Blender” keymap, the *.py file is practically empty (so I can’t do a file changes compare), but your Rhino keymap file is massive. Are all these entries actually changes made ? Seems like an intimidating amount of work involved. Am I missing something ?

Hi Nathan(@jesterking),

cool add-on, thank you.

Can you take a look for Blenders 2.80 pose mode. In Pose-mode right mouse navigation doesn’t work.



@ThomasAn, For my own settings I have set the search menu to pop-up from space (just like 2.79 and older), and select is set to LMB. I think these settings have been automatically carried into the keymap.

The search box popup is done wth operator wm.search_menu

The context menus are through the operator wm.call_menu, see for instance the latest remapping of the pose context menu to ctrlaltshiftRMB. Note the name of the context menu VIEW3d_MT_pose_specials.

I don’t know the logic for these keymaps. I just made my changes in the editor and hit the export button.

But other than that I think the sanest thing to do is to use the search functionality in the keymap editor that allows you to search on name or keybinding…

@Michael_Meyer fixed in latest repo!

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In your case how did you know to use “VIEW3D_MT_pose_specials” as a string name?

I am trying to put the misplaced RMB context menu into the MMB button.

Created a new entry under Window --> Call Menu --> wm.call_menu, but I don’t know what was the string name of the context menu that used to be under the RMB.

Tried to look into the blender_default.py file but it has a different structure than the keymap.py files

No, I drilled into the pose mode section of 3d view. But again, if you look for the keybinding in the keymap editor search menu you should be able to find what you are after. Set the search menu to filter for keybinding, then type RIGHTMOUSE and you’ll get all bindings that have the right mouse button in.

It can be quite a lot of work to get the bindings set well even with the keymap editor. But at least it is possible (:

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Got it. Thanks for your help Nathan.
It was missing completely from the Rhino keymap file, had to look for it in the default keymapping. Turns out it was the 3D view --> object mode (global) --> call menu --> VIEW3D_MT_object_specials.

Please submit patches to the repo for all improvements!

What if you don’t like them?
Basically I am swapping everything that used to be on the MMB to the RMB and vice versa. So all context menus are on the MMB. The other thing is the spacebar brings the tools menu instead of search.

Good point. Perhaps easier to log as request through the issue system for the repository…

Hi @nathanletwory

could you change to/add right mouse paning in the 2D uv- and image editor?



P.S.: Also do you know how to switch in blender 2.8 to zoom to cursor in the 2D views uv/image-editor?

I’ll tweak UV/Image editor panning.

I’m not sure if I want to turn on zoom-to-mouse by default, as it appears to affect all editors then… You can set it for yourself here though:

edit: keymap is now updated for RMB panning in 2d views

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Hi @nathanletwory,

now setting/moving the current frame is gone in DopeSheet/Timeline/GraphEditor/Drivers/Nonlinear Animation. Could we map it e.g. to Ctrl+Left Mouse. What do you think?

Thank you for your time


Ah, bummer. some modifier key + LMB sounds like a good plan. Too bad the key map editor doesn’t show any colliding bindings easily

I’ll try to do it soon, either today or tomorrow.

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Hi @nathanletwory,

I have changed these two settings, from right mouse to middle mouse. Perhaps this makes sense also for your RhinoKeyMap.