Rhino installation of OS X installed on ssd outside

After testing (including the removal of the plugins you mentioned) Rhino blocks it just me? Help me understand it has left one last decisive test to eliminate the problems of frostbite Rhino during Autosave, test the behavior of my files on OS X “clean” (Yosemite) ssd installed on external via uSB 3.0. I installed Rhino 5.1 but I get an error entering the license license wrong. I deleted Rhino from the Applications folder of the previous system (Maverick on fusion drive) but nothing has changed. You can help me?
If the problem of freezing during autosave are being solved with this test, it is my intention to use the configuration with operating system boot from external SSD (which proved to be much more responsive the fusion drive)


I do not think the OS version has anything to do with your freezing issue. That said, you say [quote=“Zsimon, post:1, topic:27050”]
I get an error entering the license license wrong
What is the error you are getting? Is it a dialog? What does it say?

To solve the freezing issue, you must delete ALL copies of Rhinoceros on ALL disks, then install just the latest version of Rhino. You have copies of Rhino with the freezing bug on your computer, and until you delete all copies of Rhino, including these buggy ones, you will continue to have the freezing problem.

I already removed a few days ago all copies of Rhinoceros, and installed only 5.1, the problem of delays has remained there. Wanting to be tested in each case the behavior of the operating system and Rhinoceros on a ssd outside, insert the license and I get an error message "license of Rhinoceros 5 for Mac xxxxxxxxxxx is invalid. (Please note that Rhinoceros is installed and working with the license on the fusion drive.

I need more information to diagnose this. When you get this dialog, please take a screen shot of all the Rhino windows that are visible when this happens. Make sure the entire license number in the error message is visible in the screen shot. Email the screen shot to marlin@mcneel.com.

I would like to resume the subject I had left open. My situation is: Rhino and Rhino WIP is installed iMac with OS X 10.9.5. I installed El capitan on a ssd external I want to use as the main system to boot. What exactly should I do to transfer the license from Rhino on Maverick Rhino on El Capitan? How can I save all my settings (especially the custom menu). Thank you.

There is no need to transfer a Rhino license nor is there any way to transfer a license. You can install Rhino on all the computers you own. The only license requirement is that you run only one copy of Rhino at a time.

To copy all your settings from one computer/OS version to another, copy the com.ncneel.rhinoceros.plist file. See this FAQ article to learn where this file is located.

Waiting for some tests “inconclusive” wonder if someone uses Rhino with El Capitan on ssd installed outside.
… It seems that my freezing problems can depend on it.
Using a Samsung SSD 850 EVO from 500gb.
I read the very serious problems of frostbite on the Model 840 EVO (the previous model). Considering I only problems with Rhino, I was looking for a solution.
I did a clean install of El Capitan and Rhino on ssd (so it should be no “junk” imported from old backups.
Any experience or advice about it?