Rhino.inside Wall ByCurve

when I generate the a revit wall, the script generates two walls instead of only one. Where is the issue here?
I dont want to use the node AddWall.ByCurve cause I want to have a workflow in Python, that gives me a better control of the workflow.
Thanks in advance
Wall From Profile04.gh (17.0 KB)

And when I try to generate the walls out of bunch of rhino lines instead of revit model lines, there is an error pro wall and they are not beeing generated, anybody understand this issue?

Seems like you figured out the solution to the first question. The python node currently needs to remember the element id of elements it generates and deletes them on subsequent executions.

As for the error per curve, I don’t see the errors in your screenshot but you need to convert the Rhino curves to Revit curves before passing them to Revit. So you need to do something like this

revit_curves = [Convert.ToHost(x) for x in curves]

Thanks Ehsan,

i continued with the development of the wall ByCurve with the Revit API, but from Grasshopper curves instead of Revit Curves here:

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