Rhino.Inside Revit Unit Conversions

The color boxes in Revit are DirectShapes geometries created by the Rhino.Inside node AddDirectShape.ByGeometry, I created the walls by calling the Revit API Autodesk.Revit.Wall.Create(). For some reason both geometries should be created at the same place, because the walls should surround these Directshape geometries. Unfortunately, although these walls are created, they are somehow reduced in size in inches. Does anyone know of a workaround to create these walls in the right place, i.e. to overcome the problem of the unit inches - meters?
I think I need to scale the curves created on Grasshopper, but maybe there is a better workaround, because in order to scale these curves, the question then arises how to get the origin of the coordinate system in Revit and Grasshopper to scale it accordingly.
Thanks in advance.

Sorry but I think the right way is to set both rhino and Revit to same units.
I don’t see any reason to use rhino inside with different unit system.

well, Rhino and Revit are both in meters but when you passt elements to the Revit API you need to work with feets but not with meters, even though your Revit file is in meters…

Sorry I see that you are using the API missed that.

I had to scale the curves 3.28084 so that the walls are generated at the right place.


Had the same issue. Thank you so much for find a solution :slight_smile: