Rhino inside revit

Heyy, so I was trying to add wall category to my Revit file script and It’s showing some error and won’t let me add this new component to revit. Can anyone look into it and let me know what I’m doing wrong here.


I think the problem is that Walls is a System Family. If you try to do what you are doing it will get created as a Generic Model family because there are no templates in Revit for Wall families by default (at least that is what happens to me when I try to replicate your script). And you will not be able to place your family because it will be looking for a host.

To do what you want to do follow this tutorial to create an “empty” Wall Family template and apply it to the “New Component Family” component.

Sorry, but it seems I cannot share the Revit Family template I created (.rft), so here you have as a Revit Family file. Just rename it and change the last “a” (.rfa) for a “t”. But this is also explained in the video.

Wall template.rfa (288 KB)