Some Revit geometry not coming into Rhino, and random walls created

Running a script with a selection of Revit categories, Allow Subcategories set to true, the hand rail doesn’t come through, and a few windows and doors have a Wall block overlapping

Hi Thomas,

With SubCategories True you can add the Category SubCategories Component to get the top rail.

I’m not seeing that in the typical windows, can you post that wall and hosted families? Thanks.

if you prefer to send privately private upload

I now get a data conversion error…

Thomas, I haven’t been able to duplicate your Wall Block overlaps, granted I don’t have your exact definition. Per the block name and category is would appear to be a in-place wall or opening that is being gathered, but the GUID for the elements don’t exist in the file you sent me.

The filter you are generating will collect non-graphical elements as well, one thing you do is add a selectable in view to ensure that you are only getting graphical elements.


The walls that are showing up are on the Existing Phase.

To get only visible elements on the active phase please use the View Elements

This works! Thank you.

Question on the Query View Elements, am I missing something here?

Also, for some reason, because the Existing phase is not showing in the 3D view in Revit, it doesn’t go through to Rhino, so I’m not getting those overlapping wall blocks


You can forego the Selectable in View filter and put your 3D view right into the View in the Query View Elements. The query view elements is keeping the other Phase elements from getting baked.

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In the latest Daily there is a new option in the Query Categories to show subcategories.

In your current definition you can Clear Values on the Parent Category, this will allow you to search Category and SubCategory in one text box

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Rhino.Inside Revit: 1.6.8095.20876

In the latest Daily build the Query Categories is simplified

True will add in the subcategories

Previous options are still available via Zoom UI.