Category Assignment : Rhino objects as Loadable Families

When using the Rhino Objects as loadable families workflow I get an error if I try to create a generic model family and assign it as wall, roof, etc. It seems to work for structural framing, site, doors, etc. categories.

“1. The input category id cannot be assigned as the new category for this family.
Parameter name: categoryId”

I thought this work the same way that creating a “Model-In-Place” component works in revit where it creates a family that can be assigned to any category.

Am I missing something?

Is there a way to push rhino geometry into a family and assign it the category wall, roof, floor, etc?

If you open the family template you are using you will see that Revit does not allow you to select any system family category for it.

As long as I know, what you are trying it’s currently not possible, and In-Place families are not exposed through API either.

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Ok cool, thanks Kike.