RHINO INSIDE REVIT - slabs from points/mesh

At the office we are using rhino inside revit for the development of our architectural projets (train stations, offices, housing ) but also some of our key urban design projects.
We are trying to create floors that are made through precise point elevations.
Such geometry can be achieved precisely in rhino with meshes.
Is there any way of creating floors in revit (through rhino geometry) with points setup as slab modification points ?

I am architect and in charge of digital tools development at the office, and have been using rhino since 10 years now. This option with floors would be a life saver and reason for our office to permanently start using rhino.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Answered here

it seems this does not work ? I tested it with a simple slap and 4 points. But it seems the script does apply those point on the slab.

It looks like they are on the flat surface. Can you move them up in Z?

still no result

I opened the files that are in that zip on the post, then added a floor in Revit 2021 and assigned it to the first input on the Gh script, added points that are inside the perimeter of the floor in plan view and assigned them to the second input on the Gh script, and here is what I see:

Check that your points are contained (in plan view) inside the floor’s sketch/perimeter. You may need to verify that you have the correct floor object (by viewing it in Rhino via Gh) to ensure this.

Edit: also why did you post this question in a relevant post, but then also asked a duplicate question in a new post?