Rhino.Inside Revit for Rhino 7 Release working?

Hi All,

I wanted to run the Rhino.Inside Revit with the new Rhino 7 release version but it doesn’t seem to work.

When I open Revit and click the Rhino toolbar icon a couple GH errors pop up saying e.g. "The CurveComponents Component Library was built against a different major version of the Grasshopper SDK: LocalSDK = 6.3.18090.471 Referenced SDK = 7.0.20314.3001. As a result most of the GH features are missing when I activate it with the Grasshopper toolbar icon and it seems to be an old version (1.0.0005) as well (no idea where it gets this version, I couldn’t find it on the computer).

When I open Rhino with the Revit toolbar icon and manually start GH with the Grasshopper command inside it everything seems to start up well (1.0.0007) but there is no Rhino.Inside components so I assume this is not the correct way of doing this either.

So I assume this error comes from Rhino.Inside still being based on Rhino 7 WIP (6.x)?
Are you going to release a Rhino 7 release version installer soon?

Rhino.Inside Revit: 0.0.7628.14364
Revit: 2019.0 (20180216_1515)
Windows 10

Thank you very much
Best regards, Frank

Frank -

I might download and install the latest build. It might remind how to connect the two products together.

I am running:
Rhino.Inside.Revit: 0.0.7622.9725 (11/13/2020)
Revit: 2019.2.2
Windows 10
Rhino 7 Commercial

Sometimes when Rhino or Revit is updated, the RIR installer needs to be run again.

I expect @kike will have more to say about this.

If you run Rhino stand alone and start Grasshopper, do you still get these error messages?

Hi Steve,

No, when I run Rhino standalone everything is fine with Grasshopper as well I just don’t have the Rhino.Inside components.

The errors only appear when I start Rhino.Inside with the Rhino Button in Revit. All other cases the proper GH version is loaded.

Best, Frank

It seams Rhino 7 is loading Grasshopper for Rhino 6 when loaded inside Revit.

Is that possible?
If you load Rhino in Revit and go to the Rhino Options dialog at the PlugIns list you will found Grasshopper.
Please check the Grasshopper version from there and the path where it is loaded from.

Good morning all,

i can’t switch a rhino cube to revit with rhino inside, i don’t understand how? the cube is made on rhino 7, and i want to make it passed to volume category on revit, do you have any examples of grasshopper file type i should do?


Your original post should suffice, no need to put the same question out on topics that don’t relate.