Rhino.Inside.Revit - DirectShapes Not Appearing in BIM360 Shared Model

Hello! I am working on getting a process up and running for Rhino.Inside at my firm and am looking to utilize the tool to have Rhino create walls, ceilings, etc. via Grasshopper to match our company’s standard wall and ceiling family types but am finding that the workflow is only successful if the model is not cloud shared. Whenever I point the script to a cloud shared model, I cannot generate any kind of DirectShape and am instead only able to create the objects from Grasshopper by selecting the Grasshopper Bake command from Revit, meaning I am creating objects incapable of being edited or referencing our standard families. This is very much not the case when working on an archived offline model on my local PC where I can reference any family held within the model to create walls, ceilings, etc with and once the object is in Revit I am able to alter its family type and change parameters as I see fit.
Is this an issue other users are encountering with the plugin? It’d be incredible to be able to make objects from Rhino without the need to save an offline version of the model and copy/paste objects from the offline model into the cloud model every time. Thank you all in advance for the help! Let me know if uploading a script or screenshots would be more helpful to describe the issue.

Hi James, What version of Revit are you using?

That’d be Revit 2023. Thank you for your reply, Japhy!

I’ll have to try again tomorrow, my ACC/BIM360 is all mucked up (again)