Rhino Inside Revit - Direct Shape Update Existing vs Create New Geometry after Modification

I’m using the AddDirectShape.ByGeometry component in grasshopper to translate geometry from Rhino to Revit. When I modify the geometry in Rhino it creates new geometry in Revit, and leaves the old geometry in place. In the past I use plugins like Lyrebird, Hummingbird etc. which did a decent job at updating existing geometry rather than fully replacing, or creating new geometry.

Full replacing would be one step in the right direction, but modifying the geometry while retaining tags, dimensions, etc would be even better.

Rhino inside is amazing, the potential is incredible! Keep up the great work everyone!


Which version of Revit are you doing this in?


I saw that behavior in 2018 but it doesn’t seem to be happening in 2019. Sorry I don’t know more. I just know that it worked better in 2019.

This is the behaviour I have here, but you know, things always work in the developer PC :upside_down_face:.
Could you please share a gh and a 3dm file that shows the problem, please?

It looks like if we close Revit, and then re-open, the connection of model elements is lost. So if you update the geometry in Rhino, it just adds geometry in Revit, it does not replace it.

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I see, this should be fixed.

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I think the same behavoir is true for walls and floors and presumably other elements, but I haven’t checked further.

I’d love to see them updating :+1: