Rhino.inside.revit "edit type" is not avaliable

Hello everyone! I am trying to import this model to revit. I need to import it in a way that I can assign materials to individual bricks in revit and make a cost analysis. But when I import it with the DirectShape tool, edit type option is not avaliable in Revit. Do you have another workflow suggestion?
single model.3dm (12.4 MB)

Hi Berhan,

Direct Shape is Element that can only be created via the Revit API and the subsequent Types (if using Direct Shape Types) will not show in the project browser or be editable.

Here is a quick rundown of the Direct Shape features.

Thank you for your reply. Which component would you suggest me to use to be able to transfer my model as a Revit family?

You could do all the 4 sided ones as a Adaptive Family.

Note that you have duplicates in the file provided, run SelDup and delete.

To make use of the Adaptive Family you’ll need ordered points that go in the same direction according to the face normal (either clockwise, or counterclockwise)

I will try that, thank you!

On closer examination they are all 4 point faces and can go right into a family.