Editable generic models from rhino geometry

Hi, I just started to use RiR to simplify the workflow between rhino and revit but I can’t manage to import it in a way that the geometry is editable inside revit.
I understand that I have to make that geometry a component but I can’t get it to work.
Can any of you recommend me a script or a youtube video?
Thank you!

Hi Ariana,

I changed the category of your post to Rhino.Inside - Revit.

Can you add a bit more detail on what type of Elements you are sending and what you are trying to do?

If you are pushing DirectShapes in the are not going to editable. If you are creating walls they will come in Pinned in Revit, you can unpin and edit, but would then be disconnected from your driving Grasshopper file.

Oh, thanks! I’m modeling the surroundings of the building I’m working on, but I need those volumes to be editable in Revit so I can add materials and adjust them if necessary. It doesn’t matter if it gets disconnected from Rhino.